Frequently Asked 



What sizes does Primo come in?

500mL, 1.5L


What flavours of Primo are there?

Chocolate, White Chocolate, Coffee, Iced Double Espresso, Caramel, Lime, Strawberry, Banana.


Does Primo use natural flavourings?

Primo contains both natural and artificial flavourings.


What additives are in Primo?

Primo contains colours and flavours so it looks and tastes great. It also contains carrageenan (an extract from seaweed), and a few other ingredients, to protect the milk and give Primo a thicker texture.


What is the nutritional content of Primo?

Primo contains lite blue milk (1.5% fat) and is a source of protein and calcium.


Does Primo contain caffeine?

Creamy Coffee & Iced Double Espresso contain caffeine. All other Primo flavours do not contain caffeine.


What type of milk does Primo use?

Primo uses lite blue milk (1.5% fat).


Does Primo contain preservatives?

No, Primo does not contain any preservatives.


Where can I find Primo?

Primo can be found in Grocery & Convenience outlets.


How do you get Primo to stay fresher for longer?

We manufacture Primo in a high tech plant in a completely enclosed human free environment. At the same time we use fresh milk and ultra heat it to 140 degrees Celsius or equivalent, which allows us to extend the shelf life. 

Have you put preservatives in it so it lasts longer?

No, we use fresh milk and ultra-heat it to 140 degrees Celsius or equivalent, which allows us to extend the shelf life beyond regular fresh milk.


Have you put sweetener in it so it tastes sweet

There’s no added artificial or natural sweetener in our Primo.


Can Primo bottles be recycled?

Primo bottles are made from PET, which is widely collected from kerbside recycling bins and local council recycling facilities. Rinse out your empty bottles before placing them into the recycling bin as this reduces contamination and helps with processing at the recycling centres. It’s also a good idea to check your local council website to see if you should put the bottle top back on or keep it off, as each council has different rules.


Can the sleeves be recycled?

Any removed sleeves are not widely recovered for recycling but may be placed in the “Soft Plastics” re-cycling points seen at some major grocery stores. Alternatively, they can go for recycling along with the bottle and cap.


Is there caffeine in your Primo Creamy Coffee and Iced Double Espresso?

Sure is, Primo Creamy Coffee has around about the same amount of caffeine as half a cup of your regular plunger or instant coffee. While Primo Iced Double Espresso contains more than twice the caffeine of Primo Creamy Coffee – 106mg per 500ml in Primo Iced Double Espresso, compared to 38mg per 500ml in Primo Creamy Coffee.


Is Primo made with real milk?

Yep! Primo is made here at home with fresh NZ milk, so we don't use any reconstituted powders or anything like that.